Bathroom Floor Tile Design

When designing the style of a bathroom using tile, people often forget how important the design of the floor can be. In order to keep the bathroom floor safe, easy to clean, and durable in such a moist environment, ceramic tile is often the best choice.060109_C_Friedman_Glass_Floor_Tiles3

Ceramic tile comes in a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and designs. Once you have decided on the particular color or design choice for your bathroom floor tile, adding border tiles can add a great visual treatment to your bathroom floor. If you want to avoid going with a different style tile altogether, you can also simply add another color or shape of the main tile being used to create a visual effect. If you choose to go with the same color and style tiles for your walls as for your bathroom floor, try using different sizes or angling the tiles differently to break up the look.

Because there are different color grout options out now, try breaking up the look of solid colored tiles by adding a different color grout. For example, if your tile is white, try using a brighter colored grout to add contrast. If you want to create a dramatic look for your bathroom, using dark grout with light colored tile is the way to go. Also, once you decide on a particular color for your bathroom floor tile, feel free to add an additional random color if you please. For example, if your favorite color is blue and the dominant color of tile in the room is white, add a few blue tiles scattered throughout the floor to add another interesting visual. This will also separate the bathroom floor from the wall if you are using the same style and color of tiles on the wall and floor.

Also, if you want your bathroom to have a modern look, choosing tiles with plain backgrounds and bright-colored shapes and graphics is a brilliant option. If you are trying to give your bathroom an artistic feel, this is when you should use painted floor tiles. Painted floor tiles offer a great aesthetic value. When coming up with your bathroom floor tile design, do not forget that bathroom floor tile can accentuate the theme of the bathroom.  Acentuating is a very important task within and without your home.  Same as using various options in your landscaping to add a feel to the outer aesthetics of your home, floor tile can do this as well.