Bathroom Glass Tile Designs

Tiles are some of the best materials to work with when remodeling the bathroom. If you are looking for something that is truly unique and one of a kind than you should consider using glass tiles. These have become popular over the years and can be used along the shower walls, floor, or on the counter.


It is important that you sit down and think about the type of glass tile design you wish to use in the bathroom. Measure the area that you wish to have it installed and make sure that these measurements coincide with the design you have drawn out on graph paper. Check carefully for any problems that might occur or a flaw in the design. If you don’t find any problems before hand you will run into much more when installing them.

You can create your own pattern or you can stick to something that is carefully planned out. The mosaic design is the most popular to use. This is best placed around the shower and bathtub. The great thing about this is that each piece is laid down randomly. You will use various colors and designs in the same area and the end result will be unique to your bathroom. For a more simple look you can stick to one straight color all around.


Installing the glass tiles around the shower is a great way to change up the look of the bathroom without having to replace the shower itself. Use various sizes and colors all along the walls surrounding the shower and watch it come to life. They are easy to install and can be cleaned with simple glass cleaner and paper towels.


The floor is by far the most unusual place to lay down these tiles. This trend is still quite new and designers are just starting to come up with new ideas on how to arrange them. The great thing about laying them on the floor is that you will open the space up and have something that is unique to the home. The downside is that they are very difficult to keep clean.