Bathroom Shower Tile Design

When deciding on a bathroom shower tile design, the days are gone when options are few and far between. Bathrooms are viewed as important rooms too, and often take on the same style and feel of the rest of the house. When deciding on tiles to use in the shower part of the bathroom, it is important to consider maintenance on the tile, cost, as well as the feel of the rest of the bathroom. For example, if in a smaller bathroom, lighter colored tiles are better for keeping the room feeling open. Darker colors seem to create a more closed-in feel when used in smaller areas. EdgewaterShower  Remember that designing your home inside can be similar to designing your garden.  What sort of look do you want?

In determining styles and colors of tiles to use in a shower tile design, you must decide if you want a solid design or if you want to break up the solidity with different shaped tiles or different sizes. In addition to tiles of different shapes and colors, tiles for showers also come in varying textures and looks such as: mosaic tiles, terracotta tiles, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles, glazed ceramic tiles, or quarry tiles. Creating attractive focal points on the walls of the bathroom such as above the sink or toilet and in the shower area can give the bathroom a unique design, as well. Remember to make designing your shower and bathroom tile fun and enjoyable.

Your shower should be your place of relaxation and sanctuary. This is the place where you get fresh when beginning a new day or where you rinse off the stresses of a daily routine. Whatever the case may be, by taking an active part in the design of your shower tiles, you can create a lasting feel in this special place of your home. Consider all options and materials.  Do you want to use ceramic or granite?  Do you want to buy the tiles painted or do it yourself?  You can add a personal touch and feel to your shower tiles by incorporating a color used throughout the theme of your home. Decide on which tiles you want to paint throughout the shower tiles you’ve chosen and go through the procedures to paint them the particular color you’ve chosen from your home. You can also use stencils, either hand-made or bought. This can often be less work than painting an entire tile, and can also offer a unique look to your shower tile design. If you’d like, another option is to use both options—paint certain tiles and stencil some tiles.