Bathroom Wall Tile Design

Like anything else in designing or remodeling a home, remember to make it as enjoyable as you can by thinking outside the box and being innovative! Creativity is a must if you want a unique feel within your home.

Before now, typically, wall tile was predominantly found on the walls of bathtubs and showers.pbt14 
Today, however, people are discovering bathroom tile designs that involve tiling walls throughout homes, especially within bathrooms.
While tiling walls within the home is mostly for decorative purposes, tiling entire bathrooms can serve a functional purpose. Putting tile on the walls of bathrooms is the perfect way to waterproof the area.

After finding the most appropriate materials to tile the bathroom wall, choosing the right tile is the fun part! There are many options to choose from when considering bathroom wall tile, but taking into consideration the look you want, your budget, and time, should narrow the list.

Stone tile is a very popular tile design choice because it is naturally water resistant and tough, offering an excellent choice for showers and tubs. Stone tile’s popular sorts are granite, marble, and travertine.   While concrete is one of the most popular choices of stone outdoors, granite and marble are the most popular indoors.  These materials in themselves offer a more natural look to your bathroom and often have their own natural designs within the stone. This can also be one of the most expensive tiles you’ll find.

When wanting many options to choose from with colors, shapes, and sizes, glass tile is where to go. This particular tile can be fun to work with and offers a great way to become hands on because it offers so much room to work with. Also, if you are looking to be more “green” with your renovation or designing, glass tile is the “green” choice for you because it is mostly made from recycled materials.

Mosaic tile is another option for bathroom wall tile. While mosaics were formally and primarily used for an aesthetic appeal throughout homes, mosaics are finding their way into bathrooms, as well these days. Using mosaic tile is an excellent way to add an innovative and artistic feel to your design. These tiles also offer another way to incorporate your craftiness because often combinations of glass, ceramic, and metal are used to create designs.

Still the most popular choice of bathroom wall tile is ceramic. Because it can be glazed or painted in just about any color imaginable, it offers the most versatile appeal. …Not to mention its durability and water resistance!